Duncan Askew - Wood turner
Wood turning demonstration
Wooden apples and pears - made to order in Cornwall
Custom made wooden table - commercial standard

Learn to Turn

Learn to turn wood with Duncan Askew - using our manualDuncan has taught woodturning for many years (too many to mention!). This guide gives those same lessons in more than 200 pictures with easy to follow instructions. Each page of the manual is individually laminated, allowing you to remove the pages from the manual for use in your workshop while working.

The manual contains:

  • Spindle turning
  • How to turn a handle
  • Sharpening
  • Bowl turning and apples & pears

You can order our physical binded manual (with removable laminated pages) for £29.50 + postage and packaging. If you'd like to purchase our manual, please contact us.

extra Projects

Once you've completed our introduction to wood turning, we also offer short project manuals for: turning candlesticks, goblets, vase, box and a pen & letter opener.


More samples of our learn-to-turn manual, click the images to view a larger version:

Learn to turn candle sticks, wood turning tutorial Demonstration of wood turning manual